MoveU Open Bottom Sweatpant


Cheerleading: Sweatpants

Sweatpants aren’t only for a jog around the block or an intense session in the gym -- cheerleading sweatpants take all of the great features of this flexible garment and adapt them for maximum cheer performance. For before or after a difficult routine, our sweats grant your cheerleaders the comfort they deserve.

Optimized For Comfort

Whether relaxing at home, lounging after a tough practice, or hanging around after you win that big competition, our dance and cheerleading sweatpants are created with leisure in mind, while still reminding everyone about that indomitable commitment to the sport. Adding to our dance sweat’s level of comfort is the balanced fabric blend -- cotton and polyester -- making them simply luxurious to wear.

Then there’s the design. The open bottom makes them easy to wear, which combined with the slightly tapered legs and stretchy elastic waistband helps them contour to most body types. With the drawcord, you’ll be sure to get a fit you enjoy to the fullest. Our sweats come in multiple solid color choices, making them easy to pair with the shoes or tops you favor most.

Custom Cheer Sweats Look Even Better

Beyond the multiple colors available, you can tailor the look of your custom cheer sweats even further with personalization options. For that team appearance, you can get your cheer squad matching designs that feature your school or group name. For individual appeal, go further with personalized names and other features that help them stand out. Be sure to ask us about all of our available customization options.