Attack The Crowd Metallic Pom


Dance: Pom Poms

The pom is a versatile part of the dance and cheer arsenal, an element that adds to the choreography by injecting some sparkle into a performance. Our dance team pom poms help attract attention, accentuate movement, and bring that extra razzle-dazzle your team needs to shine their brightest.

Our Drill Team Poms Get Right To Business

In recent years, the trend toward shiny and metallic poms is something we’ve picked up on, which is why we’ve got an array of poms of this fashion in a range of diverse colors. You’ll be able to unleash the power of the entire rainbow with these offerings, and will even have an opportunity to mix and match since we sell them one apiece. With all kinds of color combinations at your fingertips, you can really send a message by coordinating with whatever outfits or team look you’d like.

The versatility of our poms is clear, as they’re great for just about any kind of choreographed performance that requires them. They’ll really shine when it’s time to work a crowd into a frenzy, though, which won’t be a difficult task when combining these poms with your team’s exemplary skills. It’s the perfect pairing that will bring a performance together.

Make A Statement With Dance Team Pom Poms

That statement, of course, is that you’re ready to get down to business and show the crowds what you’re made of. Be the most electrifying force wherever your team may be by accompanying your routine with these attention-grabbing, show-stealing pom poms.